Activity Leaflets

Hello, this is a project by medical students at Ballater Surgery.

It is based on a series of 4 leaflets for you to enjoy every 3 months. We do recommend an order and specific months for each leaflet, however feel free to change this up as you please.

This pamphlet involves stretching and balance exercises, as well as providing a wide range of examples that can be performed at home.

Recommended December-March

This pamphlet encourages you to walk around Orpington and its parks. It also includes a couple sudoku puzzles for you to stimulate your puzzle solving skills.

Recommended March-July

This pamphlet includes many exercises to help you stay active and improve cardiovascular health, along with programming to help you stay on track to fitness.

Recommended July-October

This pamphlet helps you be more in touch with yourself and exercise mindfulness. It provides many ways for one to reduce stress and achieve a calm headspace.

Recommended October-December

If you enjoyed any of these leaflets, we would be very appreciative if you leave us feedback here.