For Urgent and Non urgent

How to Access us

  1. To View results (bloods/urine/xrays/ultrasounds): use PATIENT ACCESS (Sign up at reception with ID and proof of address), and until this is set up message us via the link below the blue box, below, or
  2. For Non-Urgent queries that do not require a physical examination (eg. discuss results, talk about any medical issues) – book a Telephone Consultation via reception (we’ll call you on an agreed date).
  3. For Non-urgent medical queries that may require a physical examination- Book a ROUTINE APPOINTMENT at:
    • Ballater Surgery via Patient Access or Reception (or one of the Apps) OR
    • one of the Hubs (Povorest/Crown Medical Centres) via Reception (you’ll see a local GP who has access to your medical notes)
  4. For Prescription requests use PATIENT ACCESS (sign up with ID and proof of address and for queries email) or email for queries [email protected]
  5. URGENT CLINICAL MATTERS: Email the TRIAGE EMAIL [email protected] (Read M-F until 10am)- attach photos!

   OR Call reception and say it’s Urgent to get a callback from the Duty Dr. We have appointments daily for Urgent matters.

Please make sure you put your full name and date of birth on all emails.